Simply Maven's services are designed for clients to explore their relationships to their things, their values, and what they most desire from their lives. The point is to tidy once and for all and in the course learn a life skill that will result in less stress in clients' lives and more time and energy to pursue their passions, spend time with loved ones, or engage in whatever creates a more joy-filled life.

introductory consultation

A complimentary meeting for you to describe your challenges and tell me about your vision and goals. Together we will devise a plan best suited for you and get you started on your path to decluttering, organizing, and living joyfully! 

Kon Mari Tidying Lessons

Together we will utilize the KonMari Methodβ„’ to declutter and reorganize your entire home during a series of individual Tidying Lessons. The initial in- home Lesson is unique and includes:

  • A review of the work agreement/lesson plan!

  • Visualization of the Client’s ideal lifestyle and living environment

  • A home tour and greeting!

  • Active tidying addressing the Clothing category

To achieve optimum results, clients are strongly encouraged to complete a full Tidying Series to address all items in the home. Follow-up Lessons within the Tidying Series build on the initial Lesson of Clothing (required) and address the following KonMari categories: Books, Papers, Komono (miscellany) and Sentimental Items.

Tidying Accountability Program

Invest in yourself and get organized once and for all! This tidying accountability program will teach you the skills needed to declutter and organize your entire home. While you are enrolled, KonMari Consultant Ashley Barber will provide regular accountability and support to show you how to achieve the home and lifestyle you have always envisioned for yourself. 


Want to learn more about the KonMari Methodβ„’ and tidying techniques? Interested in bringing this information to your employees, clients, or community? I offer workshops regularly as well as give talks for private events. Visit the events page for upcoming dates, or email to schedule your own personal event.