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Simply Maven’s Home Detox Online Program

Create a space where you can thrive!


Anyone ready to destress their space, find simplicity, time and ease by doing a full home clean out. If you are interested in making a change, eager to do the work, yet seeking guidance and support — this program is for you.


Enjoy step by step guidance from your on-call certified KonMari Consultant while you declutter the items that are a source of stress, organize what you decide to keep, and create systems you can implement to keep your home organized.

A mix of do-it-yourself and done-with-you, your KonMari Certified Clutter Coach provides the instructions via videos, one-on-one calls, and group interaction, while you do the heavy lifting — piling of the items, sorting items, the discarding/donating items.

Addition group support and accountability. Share your struggles and triumphs, get inspiration and unique ideas from other people just like you going through the same process.


This program applies our S.I.M.P.L.E. Method to teach you all the skills you need to complete a full home clean-out and reorganization. Learn exercises and techniques to help you with goal setting and implementation, value exploration, time-management, and of course, decluttering and organizing!

Our step-by-step process is as follows:

  1. Schedule
    Put this commitment on your calendar

  2. Imagine
    Create a concrete vision for where you want to go

  3. Make Space
    The “meat” of the method! Clean out the clutter from your space and make room for new possibilities!

  4. Play!
    Balance is important! We want you to be tidy, but also happy and healthy

  5. Love Your Layout
    Give everything a home and apply the finishing touches

  6. Enjoy!
    You worked hard and you have earned it! Enter maintenance mode, enjoy your clean space and new found time!

The best time to get organized? Yesterday.

The next best time? Today.


Once enrolled, receive a series of videos to teach you the method for decluttering and organizing all the different categories of your home. Each week, your assignment will be to work on your own to declutter and organize a category..

  • Week 1: Intro + Clothing Categories

  • Week 2: Books and Papers Categories

  • Week 3: Office and Electronic Categories

  • Week 4: Garage and Kids Categories

  • Week 5: Bathroom and Linens Categories

  • Week 6: Kitchen and Pantry Categories

  • Week 7: Sentimental Categories

  • Week 8: Finishing Touches + Wrap-up

Think you’ll need more time? No worries! We’ve built in an additional 30-days of support to give you some wiggle room just in case you need it.


Should you get stuck, you have several ways of getting assistance: 1) text your consultant, 2) email your consultant, 3) schedule a one-on-one phone or video call with your consultant (up to 1/wk), 4) take it to the group via the group platform or on a group call.

We’re in this together! Whether you need help letting go of an item, ideas for how to store items, or just encouragement to keep going, we’ve got you!

your investment

$995 is your cost for this 3 mo commitment to lasting change.

Need to space it out? We also offer 3 payments of $375 ($1125 total)


Make a decision and take action! Sign up for the program and get tidying!’

Sound like a good fit?

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