So it's the End of Summer... Now What?

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The end of summer is fast approaching (or, depending on where you are, has already ended!) With that comes new stressors as you work to keep your home tidy. You may have just started the KonMari method this summer, or this may be your first big life adjustment since starting, or maybe you’ve gone through the start of school before but could still use some pointers. Either way, this is a time of excitement (from parents at least) and a time of change, and I’ve got three tips to hopefully make this adjustment easier!

Tip #1: Clean out what you don’t need. You may have wanted to do this at the beginning of summer, or you could’ve been so busy that you’re just now getting to this part. But wherever you are, that’s okay! Before school starts, make sure to throw out old papers from last year that are no longer applicable or needed, clothes that don’t fit/aren’t wanted by your child, and to throw out supplies that is broken or no longer good. Doing all of this not only helps you to get rid of items that no longer serve a purpose, but also help you identify what you need and what you can go ahead and cross off of the school supply list. 

Tip #2: Give everything a home. Don’t keep backpacks on the floor or on a table/desk. Get a hook and hang it wherever is better for your family, whether that’s the entry, an office, or a bedroom. Command Hooks are a great and affordable option, and super easy to install and take off! For papers that will quickly start accumulating, have a system in place that is easy for everyone involved. Create an inbox where papers parent’s need to look at and an inbox for kid’s homework goes, a file for quick reference, a file for each kid’s important documents (immunization records, report cards, etc.), a box or file for artwork (and go through this at the end of each semester), and a box or dedicated shelf for treasures, whatever those may be (go through that when it gets full!). Also make sure to have a solid system of recycling. This paper system should make life easier, and hopefully take away some of the panicked scrambles when a document seems to go missing. 

Also make sure to have a dedicated place for snacks that is easy to access. This can allow them to help pack their own lunch, and to also allow them some independence afterschool. For clothes, teach them the KonMari folding method, which will, again, give them some more independence when it comes to picking out their own outfits. 

Tip #3: Be a good example. Be the gatekeeper of your own space. Kids learn from their parents, so if you are employing the habits that you hope them to develop, they will see and mimic your actions. And remember that it’s okay to not be perfect. If anything, that’s better to show your kids. It shows them that even when mistakes are made or life gets hectic, you still try your best. And as you help them develop these habits that will benefit them for the rest of their life, they’ll start to feel the same joy as you.

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