Tidying Is NOT Cleaning

Some of you may have been weighing with the option for going through the KonMari tidying method, and something that may have been a worry-point for you is time. That precious commodity that always seems to be lacking. And going through all of your belongings, sorting them, putting them back in a proper spot, donating some, recycling others… you're right to think that this is a time consuming task. If something holding you back from following Marie Kondo's teachings is the daunting task ahead of you, take a deep breath and hear this: you only have to do this once. Yes, you heard me: ONCE. No, this isn't going to make your house permanently neat and perfect for the rest of your life, but it sets the base of an environment that sparks joy, productivity, and peace. Unfortunately, it doesn't set the base for a house that is forever clean. We've yet to crack that code.

So what exactly is the difference between cleaning and tidying? Well, once your house is tidied, it's tidied. You've gone through your items, and you've developed the skill set that will last you for life. Of course you're going to continue to need to get rid of stuff or reorganize, but never on the same scale as the first time. Cleaning, though, will always be a weekly habit. The floors always need to be swept, the ceiling fan dusted, the mirrors washed. It's a constant. But when your house is TIDY, cleaning becomes ridiculously easy. Putting stuff back is easy when you know where it goes, wiping surfaces is easier when there's nothing on it, noticing mess is easier when items aren't scattered… you're following the trend. 

With that, you also get to minimize the help you need. Maybe you can cut down on the hours your housekeeper visits per week, or just have them come every other week. You can definitely create more free time for you, your partner and your kids, who will most definitely appreciate the easier chores. With the shorter cleaning time, you have more time to explore the activities that bring joy into your life, and you will feel your home also grow with that same feeling. 

Don't let time be the setback for tidying up, especially considering that you will really just be rewarding future you with more time! Remember, you don't have to go through this process alone. We can help, along with your family or support system! It's okay to be a little scared, and it IS a big thing! But once you finish tidying, the space you've created will be full of peace and joy, even if it's a little dirty. 

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