“Tidying is just a tool, not the final destination. The true goal should be to establish the lifestyle you want most once your house has been put in order.”
— Marie Kondo

Let go of stress. Find time, simplicity, and ease.

Simply Maven's services are designed for you to explore your relationships to your things, your values, and what you most desire from life. After completing the process, be free to pursue your passions, spend time with loved ones, or engage in whatever creates a more joy-filled life.

introductory consultation

A complimentary 30min phone call for you to describe your challenges and tell us about your vision and goals. Together we will devise a plan best suited for you and get you started on your path to decluttering, organizing, and living joyfully! 

KonMari™ Tidying Lessons

Using the KonMari Method™ we consultant work side by side with you to declutter and reorganize in your space. Book one lesson to get you started, or ask about a lesson package if you are committed to a full home clean out.

Home Detox online Program

The perfect balance of DIY, accountability, and support. We created this 8-week program for all the people eager to do a full home clean out, overwhelmed by a complete DIY approach, and not really in need of in person, side-by-side assistance. Learn at your own pace while enjoying step by step guidance from your on-call certified KonMari Consultant.


Did you know our founder, Ashley Barber, is one of the select individuals in the KonMari Speakers Circle? If you are interested learning more about the KonMari Method™, organization or time-management techniques and want to bring this information to your employees, clients, or community, click below. We are available for a variety of speaking events, public and private, be it a trade show, health fair, training program, or a girls night out. Visit the events page for upcoming public event dates, or schedule a consultation to discuss having us present at your next event. 

I am really enjoying the new closet space and being able to see everything! It has already made such a difference.
— A.D.
Working with Ashley organizing my home was life changing for me! Ashley is absolutely lovely to work with and sends out a peaceful energy that is so welcoming to all our busy lives!

Going through this process has given me a new sense of thoughtfulness and appreciation for my material items and how they relate to my overall mental happiness and well being.
I now have a sense of lightness and peace about letting go of anything holding me back or weighing me down. Less clutter and more awareness to being grateful for all I have!
When your home is organized you can enjoy everything with more clarity and joy. Organizing my home created this wonderful feeling of freedom. I cannot say enough good things overall about Ashley and this process, thank you Ashley! I look forward to following up with you and learning even more!
— Jane M.
“[G]etting dressed in the morning has been amazing! I am more decisive, less stressed and everything is in its place. I’m so relieved 🤗🙌🏻”
— Jessica H.
Believe it or not I think about you daily! And your name comes up weekly!

Tidying up, unpacking suitcases, preparing for a party, or guest - the house is very workable!! We are all loving it!!...[W]e’re all enjoying the KonMari life thanks to all your wonderful direction. It was well worth having you over multiple times to help us plan out the next attack or to work problem areas.
— C.R.
I can’t say enough about Simply Maven. It has made my life so much more peaceful and comfortable. Even though I am blessed to live in this house, at times, it became exhausting and stressful to live here. I really needed a kick start into changing how I lived. This really was not about being more organized. I feel like I am an organized person who does not like clutter. It was how I was organizing and learning to let go of the things that no longer served me that needed to change. Ashley did just that for me.

Ashley knew my schedule has been limited and yet she was able to fully commit and work with me. We are doing this one room at a time and I will say that after each room has completed its transformation, I sit in the space after Ashley leaves just to take it all in. One of my boys was a part of the last transformation and 6 weeks later, he still loves his room and has managed to keep it the way Ashley left it.

This peace of mind was not just for me but for my entire family. Ashley really is a maven and I highly recommended her to anyone who is ready to change their life for the better!!
— Chau N.
Closet is wonderful, glorious, amazing... I have a hard time picking a superlative for it! First laundry session had me a bit nervous and it took me some practice to fold but I got the hang of it. It seems you were 100% correct about having less stuff = easier to take care of what I do have. [My husband] was inspired to halfway move some of his stuff to the other side lol.
— A.M.